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About Strategic Benefits One Group

About Us

We are an Eastern Pennsylvania-based employee benefits brokerage firm serving businesses of all sizes across the country.
We also offer our clients scalable solutions to streamlining human resources operations for employers and employees.

Strategic Benefits One Group is derived from more than 20 years of experience in helping businesses make the right decisions when it comes to financial services and security, employee benefits packages and human resource consulting. Providing quality benefits and effectively managing costs involves more than simply offering access to healthcare providers. It means designing and updating your program through a process that includes a number of measures, expertise and commitment.

SB1 specializes in guiding our clients through these constantly changing times by listening to their needs and understanding their objectives and goals. Provide the necessary tools and resources to further develop strategies and implement customized plans to enhance employee advancement and retention to maximize the client’s success and growth. Strategic Benefits extensive experience enables us to offer clients plans which combine quality products for their distinct needs, resources and technology to improve efficiency, accompanied by ongoing support and service that both employer and employee can rely on.

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Employee Portal/HR Services

Check out a few of the features offered on our highly-efficient HR/employee portal...


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